Software synthesizer issues

The game is using a software synthesizer library to be able to play back midi content in relation to input on all supported systems.

While the synthesizer works somehow fine in demo scenarios, it sometimes crashed in game scenarios due to the nature user played notes in parallel to background notes. The original library wasn't written by me so it took some time to understand what was happening exactly.

Basically the library wasn't written in clean OOP (not that it was a complete mess, but you could see some shortcuts and other typical "just get it working" sections). These unclean sections just fell apart when using them in game scenarios.

I cleaned up all of these structures and the game seems to be running without freezes now. There are some synthesizer glitches you can hear sometimes, so expect some further updates, but it seems the library is usable for unity now (or other engines which want to play back midi using a software synthesizer in C#).

So have fun attacking the online scores :D


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Jun 07, 2017

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