Added USB and cleaned up UI

Changes in Server:

- Uses jpeg library to speed things up (before .net image saving was used)

- some optimizations to reduce cpu load and reduce lag

- added android module to allow usb connections of client

Changes in Client:

- All client UI is now in ui elements which are not visible all time to focus on the graphic area (They can be brought to visibility by using multi-finger gestures which are explained on app start)

- added option to use original aspect ratio when displaying host screen (now default)

- manually added servers are now saved :)

- quality of image compression can be changed to improve experience on wlan or reduce garbage on usb (whatever you want) (non-free version only)


CanViz Windows Server 0.4 1 MB
Mar 26, 2018
CanViz Android Client 0.4 11 MB
Mar 26, 2018

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